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3 May 2018,

Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are becoming a serious problem for the modern world. The numbers are alarming. According to the latest statistics, more than 16 million US adults suffer from Major Depressive Disorder (almost 7% of the population) and more than 40 million adults in US has anxiety problems (more than 18%). You know the country has a problem when so many people have mental issues. The big question is, what causes it exactly? Is it social issue or something more?

We could blame the fact that the modern man works so much that it can not handle the stress. However, as time passes and the work becomes efficient, we have to work less and less. We used to work more than 60 hours a day on average and had only Sunday as an off day. Now the amount of work is less than 40 hours a week for most of us. There has to be some other problem.

We can take a look at the economic well-being of the population and determine if that affects the mental illnesses. Based on the stats published by CBO, from 1970’s the average household income rose by more than 26% (it was adjusted to inflation). We can see clearly that we work less and earn more. Yet we feel anxious all the time and are depressed. Logically, we can assume that our mental illnesses are not work or income related.Is it a cultural phenomena nowadays to be depressed? That could be considered as one of the reasons. The people 100 years ago had to work so hard and earned so little. Yet they were not suffering from anxiety or depression. Why was that the case? Perhaps they were much mentally stronger and did not require anti depressants to feel alive. Almost 10% of US population takes either anti depressant or anxiety pills. Instead of facing a minor blues, they end up being addicted to pills to easily overcome the problem.

Did loss of God and Religion caused the weakening of a human mind and spirit? The unfortunate fact is that the people are becoming less and less religious each year. They stopped praying and going to Church. They rejected the God and face the reality of life as simply another creature. Facing the universe alone could be devastating and scary. That’s why they are so weak, because they lost the faith and the fire that kindled their spirit in the past has died.Loss of God and weakened spirit infected our society and now we pay the price with our tired minds. Mental illnesses spread like a plague and modern psychology cannot stop it. It can only diagnose the problem and then put a bandaid on it. Although it will never be able to eliminate the cause of it.

Here at Allelon, we do not force people to be religious. Even though we are Christians, we are not trying to spread it. We rather analyze the current religious or scientific situations and give the people the facts. Then they can decide by themselves what will their next step be. Here we simply want to point at the fact that the people are depressed and the commonly blamed money and work are not reasons behind it.

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