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3 May 2018,

Modern world is full of work and responsibilities. We all have jobs and are required to spend 8 hours a day working with only a small breaks. Then we come home and have to take care of kids, cook, pay bills and deal with other things that every adult is expected to do. This of course is stressful and requires tons of mental and physical effort. It is really easy to get burned out. That’s where you need to remember that there’s always the way of Christ and Christianity to help you out.

The people work non-stop and then once they are stressed, they develop anxiety and depression. Then they go to see a therapist or psychologist to deal with them. After they spend hundreds of dollars on the sessions, they realize that it did not help that much. (Of course there are the cases where the mental illnesses are caused by the physiological problems and medical treatment is necessary.) They forget that they need a change that comes inside of us and nothing helps the inner change better than what the Christ has to teach us. Jesus Christ teaches us to love everyone, even our enemies. Remembering the love that you hold for others will help you deal with the problems less stressful way

. If you take care of your kids and the amount of work is overwhelming, remember how much you love them. Same way of thinking could be used in a relationship when dealing with a partner. Going to the church on Sunday has become a chore for many. They think that as Christians they are required to check-in every week to please the Lord. What they forget is that Sunday mass could be an amazing remedy to relieve the stress. You can use the atmosphere to feel the grace of God and calm your soul after the long week. Remember, the Lord is everywhere and he does not want us to go to the Church to see who is a believer or not. He knows that without it.

The Church is there for us so we cure our souls and ease our minds. Praying is another way one can be stressful during the day. Not only it connects you to the God, it also calms you down and clears your head. When you feel overwhelmed and can’t go on with work, take a five minute break and pray. It does not require you to be in the Church. Simply close your eyes and pray to God. Ask him to give you the strength and the clarity of mind. Always remember that everything that happens around us is the will of God. Therefore, it is important not to take our lives in a stressful way. When you feel stressed, don’t forget that you are a Christian and approach everything with love and care.

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