Closer to God

But not far from the science

Because that is the only way to unite us all

Allelon is a private foundation that works for Christianity since 1999. We are the children of God, trying to approach the religion using science and prove to others that one does not necessarily go against another.


  • 07 May On Personality Disorders, Science and Religion

    For many centuries the science did not have answers on many questions that today seem simple to us. The people who suffered from various personality disorders were often considered possessed by demons or they were simply ignored. The poor understanding of the medical condition led......

  • 06 Mar Religion and Science – Why They Should Not Go Against Each Other

    In this magnificent world, human beings are the most developed creatures and the intelligence gap between us and animals are huge. Therefore, it is easy to assume that we are special and not another mammal on the evolutionary track. There are two groups of people......

  • 09 May Was God involved in creating the human mind?

    As technology develops and an average person gathers more knowledge about computers, it gets easier to understand the role of a human brain in our bodies. In any tech gadget nowadays there is one part that acts as a brain of it. The same way......