Religion and Science – Why They Should Not Go Against Each Other

In this magnificent world, human beings are the most developed creatures and the intelligence gap between us and animals are huge. Therefore, it is easy to assume that we are special and not another mammal on the evolutionary track. There are two groups of people with radical ideas. One that says that what religion teaches us is wrong and the universe has been created by itself and another, religious groups who say that God has created us and the world and science is wrong. What the people do not understand is that these two arguments do not have to contradict each other and it is quite possible that both sides are right.

Here, at Allelon we are trying to be as open-minded as possible towards science. We deeply believe that there is a creator out there who designed us all. However, we also see how religion has slowed down the progress of mankind simply because they were afraid of new ideas. Since the middle ages, churches prosecuted millions of people to defend something that does not require their defense – God. The reality is that they were defending themselves and were using the Lord to achieve what they desired. This, unfortunately, led to making rational people go against religion.

There is another side of the people who are arrogant and ignorant. They are the ones who use science to disapprove of anything that the religion teaches. They do everything to prove that God does not exist and in the process, they forget what science is all about. That’s why we need to remind ourselves what the science means. It simply means learning the world around us. It is not a club that you join and then dislikes another club which is religion. We need to be compassionate and respectful of each other. That is the only way we can reach our full potential as human beings.

Once Nobel Prize winner Eugene Wigner asked how come the universe always obeys the laws? Why does it follow math? This is one important question that every scientist needs to ask before rejecting the existence of the Lord. It, of course, does not prove that Gog exists, but it sure puts the people who are blindly atheists in their places. How exactly did random explosion created such a sophisticated thing that we call math? or such a complex thing that we call the human brain and the intelligence? We should think about it understand that God could be behind all this.

If you ever learned biology and have a knowledge of how the human body works, you will most likely wonder how on earth did all these come together to give us a functioning mechanism that lives. Anything that goes inside our bodies is a miracle. Take a look at the robots we are trying to build and after spending billions of dollars in the industry and years of development, how primitive they are. And then scientists are trying to tell us that randomly, with genetic mutations, the single-celled organism has become something that we call a human being? No, we are not trying to deny that it happened, but we are trying to suggest that there was the God behind this and without his design, it simply would be impossible to happen.

Being on one side and staying close-minded will benefit neither you nor anyone. We need to learn to ask questions and seek as much knowledge as possible. Scientific and religious communities can work together and that is our mission to bring these two worlds closer.


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