Was God involved in creating the human mind?

As technology develops and an average person gathers more knowledge about computers, it gets easier to understand the role of a human brain in our bodies. In any tech gadget nowadays there is one part that acts as a brain of it. The same way the human body has a brain, located in the head. Without it, of course, we would not be able to stay alive or experience the world around us. Therefore, we can say that our brains are the reason we exist and have consciousness.

The biological design of the brain is so complex that even today with such advanced medical tools, we have a hard time fully exploring it. in fact, it is the most complex organ and responsible as stated above for pretty much anything that we can call living and existence. Everything that we remember, seen, felt or experienced is stored inside this magnificent machine. The question is, how could such a complex thing developed by itself? How did the evolution and the random mutation designed something so amazing, that we can barely copy a much-simplified version of it for the usage in robotics? One possible answer is that the higher being is responsible and it was the God who created it.

The scientific communities quickly reject the proposed idea and stick to evolution without even considering the possibility of it. Simply because we started understanding how the human brain and mental processes work, it does not mean that it was created by itself. Rejecting the idea of God being involved in the creation of the human brain without at least considering that it’s a possibility, is simply a closed-minded behavior.

When we talk about evolution and its role in the development of the human brain, we simply cannot ignore the fact that it is extremely hard to believe that such a complex organ is a result of a random mutation. Sure, the science offers ‘evidence’ with fossils, but how can we base our proof on that alone? Humans have created wonders for thousands of years and it only shows that our brains were always capable of amazing things.

Was God involved in the creation of the human mind? We do not want to state something without any evidence, so our answer is not ‘definitely yes’, but in our opinion, there is a high possibility of it.



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